Dr. Doug Cohen

A practicing Neuropsychologist since 1997 Dr. Cohen has devoted the past 20 years to advancing clinical services in neuropsychology, rehabilitation programs for persons with brain injury and Clinical Psychology.

Dr. Cohen routinely provides testimony to the Supreme Court of British Columbia in litigation, including some of the initial findings regarding mild traumatic brain injury. He also provides talks and seminars to organizations such as the Trial Lawyers Associates of BC, and to other psychologists, physicians, and teachers.

Dr. Cohen provides consultations for children with giftedness, learning disabilities, intelligence, and developmental disorders. His seminal research paper authored, in 1994, "Empathy in conduct disorder youth" is still cited by researchers and in textbooks. (Stayer & Cohen, 1997, Developmental Psychology). He also provides supervision for graduate students from the University of British Columbia and is an associated at the Cortex Institute for Advanced Assessment.

With over twenty years of experience as a Clinical Neuropsychologist Dr. Doug Cohen has worked with hundreds of adults and children in the legal, medical, and private fields.


Clinical neuropsychology is the combination and application of Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience to assess, manage, and rehabilitate people who have suffered illness or injury (particularly to the brain) that has resulted in neurocognitive problems.

In particular they bring a psychological viewpoint to treatment which enables an understanding of how illnesses and injuries affect and are affected by psychological factors. It also enables the clinician to determine if the symptoms a person is demonstrating are due to brain pathology, psychological, or another (potentially) reversible cause, or all three.

Clinical neuropsychologists often work in hospital settings in an interdisciplinary medical team; others work in private practice and may provide expert input into medico-legal proceedings.


  • Pediatric Neuropsychology

    Pediatric neuropsychology is the study and understanding of brain-behavior relationships, specifically in children with known or suspected brain injury, neurodevelopmental disorders, learning disorders, or other congenital disorders.

    Pediatric neuropsychologists are intricately involved in the assessment and treatment of patients, program development, consultation with other professionals, and in defining the general standards for appropriate clinical practice. Many pediatric neuropsychologists are involved in teaching, research, supervision, and training of undergraduate and graduate students in the field.



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